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Projects 2015-16

Work Programme Activities

Children & Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing - Our work programme for 2015-16 had a number of activities, progress to date: 

  • Established a local Children & Young People Mental Health Improvement Team which includes dedicated service improvement support, clinical expertise & Local Authority advice.

  • Established a CAMHS Clinical Experts Group across Cheshire & Merseyside to provide clinical leadership, peer support, problem solving & good practice.

  • Hosted a number of workshops to help commissioners & clinicians prepare for the transformation of CAMHS & CYP Eating Disorders Services.

  • Provided support & completed pre-assurance screening of CAMHS Local Transformation Plans.

  • Supported the local NHS England DCO (Director of Commissioning Operations) in reviewing & assuring all CAMHS Local Transformation Plans. 

  • Worked with the Northern England SCN’s and NHS England’s National Children & Young People’s Mental Health Improvement Team to influence & aid coordination of the national support programme.

  • Developed an initial assessment for CAMHS data flow system preparedness.

  • Established a programme of service improvement support for CAMHS transformation in 2016/17.

Children & Young People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Our work programme for 2015-16 had a number of activities, progress to date: 

  • Established a Cheshire & Merseyside ASD Special Interest Group

  • Developed a standard blueprint referral pathway template in line with NICE guidelines recommendations Please click here to view report

  • Produced an information leaflet for parents & carers, for use at point of referral

  • Completed an initial assessment of parents’ priorities during the referral pathway

  • Mapping of existent local multi-agency pathways from diagnosis to transition for children & young people with ASD

  • Supporting commissioners to improve referral experiences of, and support for, children & young people with ASD & their families

  • Supporting parents at the point of referral with preliminary information & signposting

  • Informing the future development of a tool for measuring parents’ experience

Children & Young People with Long Term Conditions and supporting them through Transition - Our work programme for 2015-16 had a number of activities, progress to date: 

This work continues into 2016/2017 with all acute provider and commissioner organisations across the North West participating in a self-assessment exercise. The self-assessment tool was developed in collaboration with clinical leads/experts from paediatric Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy and based on current best practice standards allowing the SCN to undertake a scoping exercise across the region. Gathering this information will enable the SCN team to identify key themes, areas of best practice, barriers, and challenges currently within the system to inform future commissioning and provision of long term conditions and transition services across the North West Coast region.

Improving acute medical and surgical paediatric care - Our work programme for 2015-16 had a number of activities, progress to date: 

A self-assessment tool was developed based on both the Facing the Future Standards for Acute General Paediatric Services and Together for Child Health.

The self-assessment document was distributed in July 2015 and all eight Providers have completed and RAG rated themselves against the standards.