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Key Documents

Dementia Friendly Health and Social Care Environments

Supporting people who are living with dementia is one of the biggest challenges that the health and social care system will face in the 21st-century. The environment can also make an enormous difference to the quality of people's lives. This new guidance document shows what elements of the built environment make a difference to the quality of care. This expertise is now available to all those people who are running, or developing dementia services.

Primary Care

Dementia management in a nutshell

Download Dementia management in a nutshell. An information sheet detailing important principles about dementia.

Dementia revealed: What primary care needs to know about dementia: A primer for general practice

This is intended as an educational tool aimed at GPs and practice nurses who have no previous experience of diagnosing and treating dementia. It is not a protocol or a policy. Primary care is critically placed to take a greater role in assessing and treating dementia and clinicians have a need to expand their knowledge and confidence.


My House of Memories in GP surgeries

A promotional film shown below of the My House of Memories app has been created for use in doctors' surgeries and other clinical settings. 

If you would like to promote the app in your place of work visit here

For any enquiries please contact Carol Rodgers.