Mental Health
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Capacity and Demand Support for Mental Health Service Providers

For the attention of all IAPT Service and Clinical Leads, Information/Performance/Contracting Leads, Analysts and Commissioner. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE APPROPRIATELY.

Following on from the recent IAPT Transformational Leadership Programme we are pleased to confirm that further support from the Intensive Support Team (IST) has been agreed which aims to enhance and embed the understanding of capacity and demand management across the Cheshire & Merseyside and Lancashire commissioner and provider landscape.

The offer from IST is to provide support for Capacity and Demand is in two parts.

Lancashire event - click here

Cheshire and Merseyside Event - click here


Mental Health Challenges in Primary Care – POSTPONED DUE TO MATCH ON DATE

Note: contact if you are interested in attending this event now scheduled for 2017.

The event will cover Mental Health Challenges in Primary Care that will aim to update and increase awareness regarding difficulties faced by Primary Care clinicians, with a special focus on integrating both physical and Mental Health.

The topic areas which will be covered include:

  • Medically unexplained symptoms

  • Self-Harm

  • Suicide Reduction

  • ADHD

  • Eating Disorders

  • Liaison Psychiatry

  • Domestic Violence

Venue: Goodison Park, Goodison Rd, Liverpool L4 4EL


Mental Health Stakeholder Event – 9th June 2016

This was one day event focused on Liaison Mental Health and included the following topics:-

  • LMH scoping tool based on PLAN standards
  • Best practice pathways
  • Commissioning guidance
  • The management of Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) across all pathway interfaces, with commissioning guidance
  • Primary care benchmarking tool
  • Multi-disciplinary LMH education and training across all pathway interfaces
  • MH GP tool
  • Physical Health in Mental Health


 11th June 2015

  • Developing good practice commissioning for IAPT
  • What your data is telling  you  
  • Whole system performance monitoring for IAPT
  • Next Steps for assuring good practice and collaborating in Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Capacity and Demand – What is it, why do I need to know about it?
  • How  can capacity and demand principles be used to deliver and maintain the new IAPT Waiting Standards  
  • Principles and Tools for modelling  an IAPT service
  • Reflections on IAPT Waiting Standards performance monitoring and delivery


1st October 2015

IAPT in Cheshire and Mersey

-          National and Regional Profile for Cheshire and Mersey IAPT

-          What do we need to do next – Overview of changes in IAPT for 16/17

Commissioning  Sustainable IAPT Services

-          Consolidating what we have learned about commissioning a ‘good’ IAPT Service.

-          Where are the gaps moving forward?

IAPT Service Transformation and Leadership Programme (6 days across 2015/16 and 2016/17)

The transformational leadership programme will provide the opportunity to:

  • Focus on individual, service, team and supervisory leadership;

  • Develop a greater understanding of the realities of leadership and the competencies required for success;

  • Enable providers and commissioners to work together to create action plans which meet local need;

  • Create a sustainable model of self-directed learning and support through Action Learning Sets

Data Analyst  Education Programme (3 days) . A programme for analysts (provider and commissioner organisations), to increase capacity/capability in reporting MH metrics

Dementia : Data Analyst Development Programme Day (18/3/16) - Increase of capacity and capability to understand and report Dementia data


What Has Workforce Planning to do with IAPT? - Tuesday 5th April 2016

  • Beginners guide to workforce planning and the role of Health Education England – what, why & how?

  • Mainstreaming of the IAPT programme and workforce planning challenges (How do IAPT teams engage with the workforce planning system?)

  • Current Challenge – PWP recruitment, training and retention