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Diabetes Foot Care

Inadequate foot care and foot complications are major factors contributing to Diabetes morbidity and Diabetes related hospital admissions. To address this, the Diabetes Network is working with STPs in the North West Coast to develop a NICE compliant foot care and peripheral vascular pathway. The pathway is being developed through working groups including diabetologists, GPs, podiatrists, specialist nurses and commissioners, as well as Diabetes patients ... Read more

Diabetes Data Dashboard

Most diabetes data sources are produced through national audits. This results in a significant delay in accessing data, which impacts upon CCGs’ and GP practices’ ability to make improvements to services. To overcome this issue, the Diabetes Network has worked with local CCGs, primary care colleagues and the North West CSU to develop a diabetes dashboard of primary care data ...

Diabetes Education

The Diabetes Education Task & Finish Group met for the first time on 25th January 2016 with good attendance levels by members from Trusts, CCGs, Local Authorities, Public Health, Patient groups and Diabetes UK. The group is developing a diabetes patient education curriculum for Type 1 Diabetics in the 0 – 6 months diagnosis ... Read more

Diabetes in Pregnancy

The National Pregnancy in Diabetes (NPID) audit 2015 report has now been published on NHS Digital’s website. The report provides analysis on 3,044 pregnancies recorded for women with diabetes by 155 antenatal diabetes services in England, Wales and the Isle of Man ... Read more

Impaired Glucose Regulation

The Diabetes Network has continued to work across a multi-stakeholder group of professionals and patients to oversee and develop an evidence-based pathway, guidelines and supporting materials for IGR ...

Diabetes Prevention Programme