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Education Strategy Group

The purpose of the Education Strategy Group (ESG) is to operate as a collaborative group to influence quality of care by ensuring the Health and Social Care workforce is enabled to provide excellent care and patient and family experience through education appropriate to their role. As part of the Network's ongoing commitment to education and training the Education Strategy Group developed an Education Charter.     Full Terms of Reference of the ESG can be found here.

One of the ESG's main aims was to provide a consistent approach to provide benchmarking and sharing information regarding the Network funded initiatives around education.  

Previously each area had evaluated their sessions/programmes individually.  The method had not allowed a common appraisal of evidence of the impact of the education delivered in Advance Care Planning (ACP), Core Communication Skills (CCS), Intermediate Communication Skills (ICS) and any other generic courses delivered.  It was agreed by the ESG that a common network wide evaluation strategy was required.

Evaluation forms (see below) were developed for each of the education categories above along with a tool to collect this information to be submitted to the network in order to collate the results. In addition there is a Snapshot tool to capture numbers of staff educated in ad hoc sessions or sessions less that an hour in length that are to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

Using the submitted evaluations from each locality, a year-end MPET Report was submitted to Health Education England to report on delivery of the education sessions.

MPET Evaluations

Guidance to using the resources

Course Type Evaluation Form Data Collection Tool
Advance Care Planning Evaluation form Results Template
Core Communication Skills Evaluation Form Results Template
Intermediate Communication Skills Evaluation Form Results Template
Generic Evaluation Form Results Template
Snapshot N/A Results Template




Educator Developer Programmeeducator_developer_programme.png

Are you working in Specialist Palliative or End of Life Care?

  • Palliative Care Nurse Specialist
  • Specialist Allied Health Professional
  • Hospice / Specialist Palliative Care Unit Clinical Staff
  • End of Life Care Facilitator

Are you required to educate as part of your role?

  • small group teaching
  • presentations
  • point of care / bedside teaching
  • educational staff support

Are you one of the many who has never had preparation for this role?
If so, this programme is for YOU!
This funded, non accredited, introduction to the key theoretical and practical aspects of education is available for specialist palliative care professionals and end of life facilitators.  This 12 month course will be run over 3 modules with 5 face to face contact days available at the same time at 3 locations within the Network (Cheshire, Liverpool, Southport) with 3 courses planned to run concurrently, starting April/May 2016, Sept/Oct 2016 & April/May 2017.
For more information click on the image above

To view the full Educator Development Framework visit here.

To register on a course contact:
Cheshire:    Caroline Kirkham
Liverpool:    Sharon Phillips
Southport:  Lorna Chamberlain