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Audit Tools

In this section you will find the guidance and the tools required to undertake the three key audits that run over the course of the Six Steps Programme. 

We are interested to hear any of your comments areound the tools and audit guidance.  If you have any feedback or are experiencing any problems with the audit resources please email  Please click on the links below to access the audit tools.

Quality Markers and Measures Audit

The Quality Markers and Measure Audit allows the care home to monitor how their end of life care delivery fits with the outcomes of the Six Steps to Success Programme and the national End of Life Care Quality Markers and Measures (Department of Health 2009).  Several quality markers and measures audit tools have been developed to allow data collection and analysis.

Knowledge, Skills and Confidence Audit

The Knowledge, Skills and Confidence Audit has been designed so that data can be collected from the care home representative around their abilities across sixteen key areas of End of Life Care.  This audit should assist in preparing feedback for the care home representative and in developing reports to evaluate the implementation of the Six Steps to Success Programme. There are several audit tools that will support collation and analysis of the data.

Post Death Information Audit

Throughout the programme the care homes are asked to collect information on the deaths of their residents.  This will help to develop the Six Steps to Success Programme and it is important to capture data to demonstrate the effectiveness of the programme and identify the provision of end of life care in relation to nationally recommended end of life care tools.  Several tools have been developed to support the collection and analysis of this information.