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Conclusion Workshop

Time: Half day

Aim: To evaluate if the North West Six Steps to Success Programme has been implemented in practice.

Objectives: By the end of the session the care home representative will be able to:

  • Describe the End of Life Care Policy implemented within the individual care home
  • Analyse audit figures
  • Understand the importance of a completed portfolio and demonstrate its contents
  • Demonstrate, through the completed portfolio, that they have fulfilled their roles and responsibilities


Attendance Register - Register.

Post-programme Six Steps Quality Marker Audit Form - allows the care home representative to provide data to audit against the Quality Markers and Measures post-programme.

Post-Programme Knowledge, Skills and Confidence Audit Form - allows the care home representative to self-assess their level of knowledge, skills and confidence around the End of Life Care topics post-programme.

Post-Programme Post Death Information Audit Form - allows the care home representative to collect data to audit practice and demonstrate how the outcomes and measures within the Six Steps Programme are maintained.

Role and Responsibilities of the Care Home Representative - provides information on the role and responsibilities of the care home representative.

Six Steps Portfolio Guidance - provides information on the care home representative's portfolio.

Action Plan Template - useful template that allows the care home representative to identify actions required to complete Portfolio of Evidence.

To Do List - checklist of actions to be completed.

Evaluation - allows the care home representative to provide feedback, which will help to improve delivery of the Programme.

End of Life Care Champion Certificate - certificate of achievement for the care home representative to be recognised as an End of Life Care Champion.

End of Life Organisation Certificate - Certificate for the organisation to evidence the Six Steps Programme has been implemented and that the Care Home Staff are committed to sustaining the Six Steps Programme.