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Domiciliary Care (Workforce)








The Six Steps to Success Organisational Programme has been designed to be delivered to support the organisational change required to support the delivery of quality end of life care. The workforce programme should only be delivered after the domiciliary care agency has completed and embedded the Six Steps Programme (Organisation).

The length of time it takes to deliver the programme is flexible and dependent on each local area.  The Domiciliary Care Programme for the Workforce is delivered in six workshops.   These may be delivered in half or full days.

Six Steps Domiciliary Care Programme for the Workforce Handbook (access the full handbook by clicking on the image below).


The Domiciliary Care Programme for the Workforce consists of six workshops:

Step 1: Discussions as the end of life approaches

Step 2: Assessment, care planning and review

Step 3: Coordination of care

Step 4: Delivery of high quality care in domicilary care

Step 5: Care in the last days of life

Step 6: Care after death