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Step 3: coordination of care







Step 3 Workshop 

Time: Half day

Aim: A system is in place to ensure coordination of care takes place.

Objectives: By the end of the session the end of life domiciliary care worker will be able to:

  • Identify the value of good communication systems in end of life care
  • Recognise the importance of sharing information with the wider multidisciplinary team
  • Recognise the key features and values of the role of a Key Worker
  • Be aware of aspects of anticipatory needs at the end of life
  • Identify necessary and unnecessary admissions to acute care


Attendance Register - register.

Presentation - overview of Step 3 workshop.

The Route to Succcess - the programme is based on The Route to Success and guides each workshop.

Support Sheet 1 - template that can be used to develop a list of key contacts.

End of Life Care Good Practice Guide - provides guidance on good practice in end of life care.

Support Sheet 10 - flow chart for supportive care.

Key Worker Role Description - provides information on the Key Worker's role in providing care for individuals in end of life care.

Key Worker Guide - visual aid to guide Key Worker.

Supportive Care Record - useful template to record and monitor individuals who require end of life care.

Anticipatory Needs Case Study - learning aid using a case study.

Anticipatory Needs Activity - questions to prompt the delegate to consider the case study patient's needs.

Hospital Admission Case Study 1 - learning aid using a case study.

Hospital Admisison Case Study 2 - learning aid using a case study.

Hospital Admission Case Study 3 - learning aid using a case study.

Prompt Card - to be used by the care worker to support their decision making.

Your Role as a Care Worker - provides information on the care worker's role.

To Do List - check list of actions to be completed prior to the next workshop.

Evaluation - allows the delegate to provide feedback to the facilitator, which will help to improve future workshops.