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Step 5: care in the last days of life








Step 5 Workshop 

Time: Half day

Aim: It is recognised that the individual is entering the last days of life

Objective: By the end of the session the domiciliary care worker will be able to:

  • Recognise the changes that occur in the dying phase
  • Identify the role of the domiciliary care worker in the dying phase
  • Have an understanding of the 5 Priorities for Care of the Dying Person and the care of the individual on a syringe driver
  • Know how to care for relatives, significant others, other individuals and colleages with professionalism and sensitivity
  • Support religious, cultural and spiritual needs


Attendance Register - register

Presentation - overview of Step 5 workshop

The Route to Success in Domiciliary Care - the programme is based on the Route to Success and guides each workshop.

One Chance To Get It Right - faciliator reference.

Support Sheet 8 - provides guidance on what to expect in the dying phase.

Physical Changes Handout - provides information on physical changes that may occur in the dying phase.

Care in the Last Days Handout - provides information on care given to alleviate some of the symptoms that can occur in the dying phase.

Good Practice Guide - provides guidance on good practice in end of life care.

Customs and Religious Protocols Handout - provides information on different beliefs and customs in end of life care.

Your role as a Care Worker - provides information on the Care Worker's role.

To Do List - check list of actions to be completed prior to the next workshop.

Evaluation - allows the delegate to provide feedback to the Facilitator, which will help to improve future workshops.