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Step 6: care after death






Step 6 Workshop 

Time: Half day

Aim: To provide excellent support and care after death

Objectives: By the the end of the session the domiciliary care worker will be able to:

  • Identify necessary actions for care after death
  • Offer practical support and information to families, significant others, colleages and other individuals
  • Recognise aspects of grief and breavement
  • Respect individual faiths and beliefs to address individual wishes
  • Explore support mechanisms to protect self


Attendance Register - register.

Presentation - overview of Step 6 workshop.

The Route to Success in Domicilary Care - the programme is based on the Route to Success and guides each workshop.

Guidance for staff responsible for care after death - comprehensive guidance for staff providing care after death has occurred.

What to do after a death - Department of Work and Pensions (DWP011) booklet.

Support after death handout - DWP004 booklet providing practical support after a death.

Support Sheet 9 - provides information on what to do when someone dies.

Care of self handout - provides information on support to protect self while providing care for others.

Stress buster handout - provides advice on how to handle stress.

Grounding exercise - provides advice on how to remain calm and well balanced.

Your role as a care worker - provides information on the care worker's role.

To Do List - check list of actions to be completed.

Workshop Evaluation - allows delegate to provide feedback to the facilitator, which will help to improve future workshops.

Knowledge, Skills and Confidence Audit - post programme - allows the delegate to self-assess their knowledge, skills and confidence on completion of the programme.

Programme Evaluation - allows delegates to provide feedback on the Six Steps programme, which will help to prepare future workshops.

Six Steps Certificate - on completion of the programme the care worker will receive their certificate to acknowledge their achievement.