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Domiciliary Care (Organisation)


The End of Life Care Strategy (Department of Health 2008) states we know that although some people receive excellent care at end of life many do not.  One of the fundamental problems is that services are not always joined up and as a result communication between staff and agencies can break down.  From surveys of the general public we know that, given the opportunity and right support, most people would prefer to die at home.

People may require a diverse range of health and social care services to enable them to continue living at home and to die there if that is their wish.   This includes domiciliary care services.  This service improvement programme supports domicilary care organisations to implement the structured organisational change required to deliver the best end of life care based on the National End of Life Care Programme guidance - The Route to Success in end of life care achieving quality in domicilary care.  Once the organisational programme has been implemented there is a further Six Steps programme available to support the care workers.

In this section you will find links to the resources and information you need.

Six Steps to Success Programme (Organisation) Handbook (click on image below to access the full handbook)


Programme Overview


Audit Tools

Induction Workshop

Step 1: Discussions as end of life approaches

Step 2: Assessment, care planning and review

Step 3: Coordination of care

Step 4: Delivery of high quality care

Step 5: Care in the last days of life

Step 6: Care after death

Conclusion Workshop