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Induction Workshop

Time: Half Day 

Aim: To commence the Six Steps to Success Programme

Objectives: By the end of the sesson the end of life domiciliary care organisation representative will be able to:

  • Identify the national, regional and local end of life care drivers
  • Understand the Six Steps for domiciliary care programme
  • Commence the audit process
  • Have knowledge of their role and responsibilities
  • Commence an end of life care policy


Attendance Register - The register can be used at any events and workshops to keep a record of delegates.

Presentation - Introduction to the Six Steps programme including programme drivers.

Support Sheet 5 - provides information on the Quality Markers.

Support Sheet 7 - provides information on models/tools of delivery.

The Route to Success - the programme is based on the Route to Success and guides each workshop.

Programme overview - taken from the core programme document to give an overview of the induction workshop.

Front insert for file cover - to provide care home representatives with a front cover for their portfolio. 

Portfolio Dividers - Facilitators may wish to provide domicliary care representatives with prepared portfolios using these portfolio dividers.   These portfolios can be brought to each workshop and will be used to store evidence of the work around End of Life Care within the organisation.

Facilitator guidance for portfolio evaluation - to support facilitators with the evaluation of the portfolios and can be amended to include any information relevant to the locality.

Domiciliary Care Organisation Portfolio Guidance - provides guidance around the evaluation of portfolios.  Information on the measures and related evidence are given for each step.

End of Life Care Policy template - This template will form the basis of the domiciliary care organisation's End of Life Care Policy and can be placed in the portfolio of evidence and brought to each workshop as it is continually developed during the workshops.

KSC Pre-programme - The audit will allow the domiciliary care organisation representative to self-assess their knowledge, skills and confidence around the core end of life topics covered in the programme. All the audit resources can be found in the Six Steps Audit section

Quality Marker audit paper pre-programme - All the audit resources can be found in the Six Steps Audit section.  

PDI pre programme - All the audit resources can be found in the Six Steps Audit section.

Flip Chart - used to accompany various exercises throughout the programme and could be enlarged to A1 flip chart size.

Roles and reponsibilities of the representative - provides an outline of the roles and responsibilities of the care home representative.

Compassion in practice handbook - Strategy that sets out the shared purpose to deliver high quality, compassionate care, and to achieve excellent health and wellbeing outcomes.

6C's Handout - visual explanation of the 6C's: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, commitment.

Heath and social care communicaton letter - can be used by the organisation to inform health and social care colleagues of the programme.

Induction to do list - provides a checklist of the actions which should be completed before the next workshop.

Induction evaluation form - used to allow delegates to provide feedback, which will help facilitators to prepare future workshops.