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Recruitment Process

The Programme has been primarily developed for care homes with nursing.

However, to be inclusive of all domiciliary care organisations including extra care housing the programme can be adapted to suit the individual care setting ensuring all the set outcomes are met.   Discussions with the local multidisciplinary teams should take place prior to the programme beginning to ensure organisations have support to meet the programme outcomes.

It is suggsted you hold an awareness event to introduce the Six Steps to Success Programme.  The aim is to invite all domicliary care organisations giving consideration on how to manage numbers.

Participation criteria has been developed not to limit recruitment but to affirm commitment to the Six Steps to Success programme.


Guidance for facilitators

This document provides guidance for facilitators on recruitment, implementation of the programme and guidance for evaluating the organisation's portfolio. 

Recuitment Flyer

This leaflet can be used in the recruitment process to provide information to prospective care homes and the wider multidisciplinary team.  There is space to add your local details.

 Invitation letter

This letter provides an overview of the programme and can be used to invite organisations to a local information event. There is space to add in your local details and it can be adapted to meet your needs.

Six Steps Recruitment Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of the programme and the drivers behind it.

Application Form

This form is given to organisations to register their interest in the programme.  Facilitators can add their local details.

Launch Attendance Register

This register can be used at any events and workshops to keep a record of delegates.

Participation Criteria

The Six Steps to Success Programme will be open to most organisations.  However, it does ask for full support from the organisation and collaboration in the audit processes.  This document outlines the minimum participation criteria and should be signed by each party before joining the programme.  Facilitators can add local criteria if required.

Roles and Responsibilities of Rep

This document outlines the roles and responsibilities and should be made available to any prospective representatives.

Health and social communication letter

This letter can be used by the organisation to inform health and social care colleagues of the programme.

Resource List

Download or order to support delivery of the programme.