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Step 4: delivery of high quality care







Step 4 Workshop

Time: Half day

Aim: Achieve high quality care in domiciliary care.

Objectives: By the end of the session the end of life domiciliary care representative will be able to:

  • Recognise the complex combination of services across a number of different settings and how to access appropriate services
  • Identify a training plan template for all staff in end of life care
  • Recognise the importance of Significant Event Analysis (SEA)
  • Develop further the domiciliary care organisation's End of Life Care Policy


Attendance register - Register.

Route to Success in Domiciliary Care - The programme is based on the Route to Success and guides each workshop

Presentation - overview of Step 4 workshop.

Knowledge,Skills and Confidence Audit Domiciliary Care Workforce - to self-assess current level of knowledge, skills and confidence around the core end of life topics covered in the Six Steps programme.

Significant Event Analysis Template - a template that can be used when completing a significant event analysis.

Definition of Dignity - Royal College of Nursing - provides information on the Royal College of Nursing's definition of dignity.

What do you see nurse - a poem. 

Support Sheet 6 - provides information on the 10 principles of dignity in care.

Support Sheet 15 - provides information on enhancing the healing environment.

Route To Success Environment (facilitator reference) - Identifies a number of key environmental principles to help improve privacy and dignity for patients and relatives.

To Do List - checklist of actions to be completed before the next workshop.

Evaluation - allows delegates to provide feedback, which the facilitator can use to improve future workshops.