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Senate Council

The two former North West Clinical Senates (Greater Manchester, Lancs & South Cumbria and Cheshire & Merseyside) formally merged in March 2021 to form a single North West Clinical Senate covering the whole of the NW.

The Senate Council is the main steering group for the Senate, managing its day-to-day business and taking a strategic overview of its work.

Working with the wider Senate Assembly, from which their 25 members are drawn, the Senate Council oversee the preparation and provision of independent clinical advice.

Their members include a mix of North West clinicians from across the Senate’s geographical patch, appointed based on their personal credibility and professional experience. Impartiality is one of the main strengths of the Senate and so members are not appointed to represent their organisations or professional bodies but to act in an independent capacity on behalf of the Senate.

Council members are recruited through a fair and transparent process, overseen by the NHS England area team medical director, and serve for between two and three years. All members complete a ‘declaration of interests’ form in order to be transparent about any potential conflict of interest.

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