Greater Manchester Lancs & South Cumbria Senate

What is the People's Voice?

Patients and the public - those who use and care about health and wellbeing services - have invaluable knowledge and experience which can help shape and improve local services. That is why patient and public involvement through the People's Voice is fundamental to decision-making across the region.

Through the People's Voice patients, carers, members of the public, support groups and voluntary organisations sign up to receive information about our work. They can become members of our specialist clinical networks, attend meetings to share views and personal experiences and sign up for free training and events. 

By also operating as an extensive virtual network, the People's Voice makes it easy for everyone to be heard and contribute, regardless of their work and personal commitments or circumstances. If anyone is unable to attend meetings and events in person, people can still engage in online surveys, comment on documents, publications or key issues and share their personal stories. 

Help grow the people's voice

Work with us to grow the People's Voice. The more information we have from patients and public, the better placed we are to make informed decisions and improve services, health and care outcomes across Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria.

"Spread the word, get involved and encourage people you know to do the same. Everyone is welcome - the larger our network, the more representative the People's Voice will be of our regional demographic profile and the more input we can give to shape services." Bernadette Hurst, Deputy Associate Director, North West Coast SCN. 

For more information contact Pam Bailey at

With the help of patients, carers and the public, we have already done a great deal:

  • Produced an Information Directory for people affected by cancer
  • Advised on Cancer Centre discharge policy
  • Worked  with clinicians and managers to improve services
  • Proof read patient information leaflets, surveys and questionnaires
  • Been involved with re-configuration of services
  • Produced a promotional DVD
  • Raised awareness of stroke, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses