Greater Manchester Lancs & South Cumbria Senate

Projects 2016-17

  • Identification of current Liaison Mental Health service provision across Cheshire and Merseyside.

  • Developing best practice pathways which provide an exemplary model of Liaison Mental Health services.

  • Engaged with NHS England Medical Directorate to ensure existing priorities were applied within the model.

  • Creating a framework for levels of education

  • Supporting the upskilling of staff and Identifying skills gaps within general MDTs, linked to local needs assessments.

  • Provide clinical expertise and guidance to improve overall Mental Health services and outcomes.

  • Identification of variation in access to psychological therapies and development of best practice models.

  • Support the implementation of the actions from the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.

  • Development of a MH Collaborative Commissioning Forum will be a major enhancement in terms of influencing the wider MH agenda and reducing unwarranted variation.

  • Identification of the baseline and variation for access and waiting times for Eating disorders.

  • Development and implementation of an early intervention in psychosis pathway which addresses capacity and access issues.

  • Development and implementation of a pathway for liaison psychiatry which addresses capacity and access issues.

  • Development of frameworks to ensure that physical health needs of mental health patients are aligned.