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Building a Research Community - the North West Coast Clinical Research Network

21st September 2017

Deborah Morris, a Patient Research Ambassador for the North West Coast Clinical Research Network (NWC CRN) has been carrying out a project to identify opportunities for patients to get involved in clinical research across the region.

Deborah says, “We know that the NWC CRN needs to increase the numbers of people engaging in research projects. I also know that many disparate Patient Groups are frustrated that they want to be involved in research projects but are never asked. This proposal aims to resolve that dissonance to the advantage of both partners, those being the patients and the NWC CRN.”

Deborah’s project aimed to identify all of the patient groups, lay research groups and illness specific charities within the NWC CRN geographical area. She has been approaching Lead Trust Governors’, Lay Representatives on Clinical Commissioning Boards, Patient Experience Groups in Primary Care and Healthwatch Groups to ensure the most comprehensive identification and to promote the public member focus of this work.

After carrying out the initial research, a database listing organisations and groups seeking membership of the NWC Research Community will be established. After identifying patient groups, the next stage of Deborah's project was to organise two workshops (one each in the north and south of the area) to canvass and identify the support needs of individual Patient Group members and charities in relation to encouraging and increasing their opportunities for involvement in research in the NWC CRN area.

Following the workshops, Academic Research Departments in the NWC CRN geographical area will be evaluating the value of this information to them and their research studies in the future. Deborah will then share the findings of the pilot study as the project concludes.

More information

For more information, read Deborah’s information at the links below:

NWC Clinical Research Network project pack

NWC CRN project summary paper from first workshop

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