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Delivering MECC at scale in Cheshire and Merseyside

23rd February 2018

Photo_for_CHAMPS_MECC_article.jpgChamps and the North West Coast SCN have collaborated to develop system wide leadership for the delivery of Making Every Contact Count (MECC) at scale in Cheshire & Merseyside.

In August 2017, Directors of Public Health (DsPH) for Cheshire & Merseyside endorsed a paper with a series of key recommendations to upscale and strengthen MECC activity across Cheshire & Merseyside. Co-produced with local Public Health leads and written by a specialist registrar, Hayley Teshome-Tesfaye, the paper highlighted useful peer learning from the Healthy London Partnership, which it is hoped will be transferrable to MECC activity in the Cheshire & Merseyside area.

The delivery of MECC using a system leadership approach with partners was agreed and the key steps in the delivery of the programme include:  

  1. Map and build upon existing local MECC activity
  2. Create a shared partnership vision across Cheshire & Merseyside
  3. Establish a Partnership Board and Strategic Plan
  4. Share resources and learning across Cheshire & Merseyside
  5. Strengthen local work and support innovation and evaluation
  6. Strengthen awareness and engaging branding.

Picture above right: Eileen O’Meara, DPH for Halton, presents at the Making
Every Contact Count (MECC) Conference at the University of Manchester

Rather than replacing existing MECC programmes in the region, the goal is in fact to encourage them to flourish by ensuring facilitators have the correct tools to work with.

The MECC programme will be delivered across a number of areas and includes three priorities within the Cheshire & Merseyside Health Care Partnership (formerly FYFV):

  • Alcohol
  • Hypertension
  • Anti-microbial Resistance (AMR).

DsPH agreed to fund a part time MECC post in September 2017, hosted by Champs Public Health Collaborative, to ensure dedicated capacity to lead MECC and help establish the vision, Board and Strategic Plan. The SCN consented to part fund the post as a joint appointment.

Louise Vernon was seconded to the Champs Support Team from the SCN and began work on MECC in January 2018. She is currently completing a high level scoping exercise and working jointly with NICE to map resources. Plans are also in place to establish a Partnership Board and collaborate with Health Education England to communicate future shared learning. 

A PHE funded System Leadership Workshop is also planned for April to help launch a new Cheshire & Merseyside MECC Partnership Board. The event will aim to enable key stakeholders to:

  • Create a shared vision
  • Co-produce principles and a strategic framework
  • Agree key actions to upscale MECC across the sub-region
  • Make commitments on behalf of their individual organisations.

Stay up to date with MECC activity here or email for further information.

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