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Helping reduce type 2 diabetes risk in the North West Coast

24th April 2019

Waters_Green_Medical_Centre_-_Diabetes_Prevention_Stand.jpgDuring Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week from 1st-7th April, members of the SCN Diabetes Team put their Diabetes UK ‘Know Your Risk’ training to good use, using their NHS England voluntary hours to run awareness sessions and support community events. They visited a variety of public venues across the North West Coast including leisure centres, community support services, medical centres and also attended a council led health and wellbeing event.

While there, the team carried out a considerable number of ‘Know Your Risk’ assessments with members of the public. 27 of the people they assessed came out at ‘moderate’ or ‘high risk’ of developing Type 2 diabetes over the next 10 years and so were given information and encouraged to visit their local GP practice to be tested. The team gave every person they assessed their risk score, along with information on understanding their future risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and suggestions of small changes they could make to reduce their risk.

27 of the people assessed came out at ‘moderate’ or ‘high risk’ of developing Type 2 diabetes over the next 10 years

An explanation of the risk levels can be found here on the Diabetes UK website.

The team also gave out information on type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes and the National Diabetes Prevention Programme, including details of activities in their local areas. They were joined in Ormskirk by MAC Clinical Research who were promoting research opportunities for diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Martyn Buckley, Quality Improvement Project Manager for Diabetes at the SCN said:

“The week was really successful. We had great conversations with members of the public who just wanted to find out more about type 2 diabetes, stories from people who already have type 2 and chats with those who have family or a friend with type 2.”

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