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National Cancer Diagnosis Audit in Primary Care

28th November 2016

As you may be aware there is a National Cancer Diagnosis Audit project currently being run - operationally managed by Cancer Research UK, but is a broad partnership that involves support and input from: The Royal College of GPs, Macmillan Cancer Support, Public Health England (specifically the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service), NHS England and NHS National Services Scotland

Audit findings from this National Cancer Diagnosis Audit will:


  • Produce a vital benchmark prior to the 2015 updated NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) urgent referral guidelines for suspected cancer from patients diagnosed in 2014
  • Develop an approach that supports a sustained programme of clinical audit of cancer diagnosis for a 3 to 5 year period
  • Enable measurement of key aspects of the cancer strategies in the UK nations
  • Link primary care data to definitive secondary care data on cancer type, stage and date of diagnosis across countries in the UK
  • Help identify the most efficient use of heath care resources
  • Ultimately enable earlier diagnosis of cancer, improving outcomes


Feedback from GP’s who have already taken part has been:


  • GPs have found it more useful and interesting than expected
  • They have said the whole process was incredibly easy and very informative, and they are planning to do the audit again next year
  • Even though they were busy the portal allowed them to dip in and out as time allowed
  • One GP would highly recommend it as important evidence for their appraisal
  • One GP found learning points for almost half the patients they audited


The deadline for completion of this audit has now been extended until at least 6th January 2017.   We hope this will give GP’s further opportunity to take part.


Please see attached documents and weblink below for more information


Registration Instruction


National Cancer Diagnosis Audit | Cancer Research UK


If this is of interest and you require any support with taking part in the project please contact either or Kathy Collins

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